Last week I was asked to speak at a Women’s Travel Alliance event here in Charlottesville. It was Thursday night, two days after the election, and I was still short of words and understanding. I was asked to speak about travel blogging and why it’s important. But, why blog? Why write, why share stories, pictures and videos? I struggled coming up with an answer. All the hours and thought that goes into each post, why does it matter?

I thought back to what had actually brought me the most joy from it all. If I were operating in a naive little box perhaps I’d say the clout – I recently got recognized at a bar in Copenhagen (crazy, right!?), and have a media kit chock full of partnerships I’ve done with brands. But is it worth it? No.

Before moving forward though – here’s my question to YOU: what makes travel so enjoyable and perhaps addictive? I thought about this for awhile and concluded that what I love is learning about people, places, and cultures that I’d otherwise be oblivious to.

I love wandering bustling markets, observing old grandpas playing chess on park benches, and trying squid ink pasta because the waiter told me it’s his favorite. Travel for me isn’t about stepping away from my home, but about stepping towards a destination and realizing that it’s someone else’s home. Travel is important because it brings perspective.

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